Fitness Classes for Teens at the OrthoCarolina Wellness Center

Finding ways to keep our kids moving and active has become more difficult than every, and if they are already active keeping them injury free is a whole other challenge. Teens can't train the way that we do as adults, developing bodies need specialized workouts that will not damage their growing and changing bodies. OrthoCarolina Wellness Center now offers classes for teens who are involved in sports and classes for teens who are looking for general fitness classes. The Youth Sports Performance Classes are broken down for Elementary School (8-11 years old) Middle School (11-14 years old) and High School (14-18 years old). Each of these sessions is designed with developmentally appropriate workouts for the particular age group. In all sessions, the focus is on conditioning, speed, agility and age-appropriate strength training. These sessions are designed to complement the athlete's sport and build strength to help prevent injury.  Sessions are held as follows: 

High School M, T, W, Th 4-6PM, and Saturday at 12:30 PM 

Middle School M, T, W, TH, 6-7PM, and Saturday at 11:30 AM 

Elementary School M, T, W, TH, 5-6PM and Saturday at 10:30 AM 

Kids can attend as many sessions as they want a week for $119 a month. To add an additional child it is only $50 and educators, military and public service employees receive a discounted rate of $79 a month. 


If you have kids who are looking for more of a general fitness class will love the Youth General Fitness Classes. These classes are designed for kids and teens who are looking for a general fitness class. These classes focus on flexibility, balance, strength as well as general health and fitness. The Youth General Fitness is perfect for kids who do not want a sports emphasis and are looking just to improve overall wellness. The Youth General Fitness Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6PM. These classes are $79 a month.  

All of the youth classes are listed on our event calendar to make it easy to find them! 

In addition to classes for kids and teens, the OrthoCarolina Wellness Center offers classes for parents that they can also take while your kids are working out. The first class is free, you can find out more about their adult classes and yoga at this link. 


Jason Boudrie